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C. Alan Melton D. Min., LPC

I am C. Alan Melton, a Certified Pastoral Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor with Valley Pastoral Counseling Center. I have been with the Center now for 20 years and have served as a full time therapist throughout those years as well as serving in various administrative positions including my present position as Executive Director.

I practice spiritually sensitive psychodynamic therapy, which is also known as insight oriented or intensive psychotherapy. “Psycho” means mind or soul and “dynamic” means movement. This type of therapy moves beyond our immediate crises to the underlying causes of our problems found in the painful experiences of childhood. These early experiences of loss, fear, guilt, and abandonment have profound influences on our adult lives and account for much of the burdensome anxiety, depression, and low self worth that many of us feel today. In psychodynamic counseling we develop an empathic, safe, and non-judgmental relationship where you feel cared for and accepted. It is within that caring relationship that we begin to learn about those early painful childhood experiences and how they continue to impact you today.

I work mainly with adults in individual treatment though I also treat couples and older adolescents as well. Whether you are coming as an individual to work on your own personal issues or whether a partner is joining you in counseling, if you are willing to look deeply into your problems and try to get down to their root causes, then psychodynamic therapy is the treatment for you. Please call me if you would like to talk about beginning such a therapy process.

In addition to practicing psychodynamic therapy I also supervise Pastoral Counselors and Licensed Professional Counselors in this form of treatment. If you are a Therapist in Training in search of an Internship or Residency position, or a practicing professional wishing to increase your skill in psychodynamic therapy, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss supervision.

Finally, I also consult with faith communities, schools, businesses, and non profits in psychodynamic consultation. This form of consultation utilizes a depth understanding of groups to help them understand their underlying conflicts and dysfunctions, and thus become healthier communities. Please call on me if the group you are a part of has problems and needs consultation in how to solve them.

As a former pastor also trained in counseling, I have spent my life practicing psychodynamic treatment, supervision, and consultation. It is what I enjoy and what I believe is the best possible source of healing for individuals, couples, families, and groups. If you feel the same way about such in depth work, please give me a call at 540 932 9721.

What is my Therapy Specialty?

Most counselors, after they have been in practice for a while, develop a “specialty." A specialty in the pastoral counseling world can range from working with certain kinds of clients to doing a certain type of therapy, or both. In my case it is both. My specialty is long term psychodynamic psychotherapy with individual adults.

Long term means that I like to work with clients beyond their immediate crises and see them in therapy for several years. The reason for the length in treatment is because I believe it takes this long to truly change deep seated personality traits that have been with us since childhood. And it is only in changing these deeper traits that persons can actually change their personalities and become healthier and happier human beings. So, I prefer to do long term work.

Psychodynamic is a technical term-- one of those "therapy lingo" words that we use among ourselves but is not commonly used in every day conversation. "Psycho" means mind or soul, and "dynamic" means movement. Psychodynamic therapy is based in a theory of counseling that believes our minds or souls are in constant motion and are always being affected by everything that is happening to us. So the type of therapy I specialize in seeks to discover the various traumatic experiences from our childhoods through our adult lives that have impacted us. Examples of such traumas include emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, spiritual abuse, and abandonment. These are some of the greater traumas of childhood and adolescence, but lesser evils are experienced by many throughout life, and in psychodynamic therapy we explore all traumas in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This exploration with an empathic therapist leads to healing.

Finally, I prefer to work with adults in individual treatment. Why adults? I have more experience with adults than adolescents or children, though at various times in my career I have worked with all these populations including families and groups. But when asked to choose, I choose to work with adults who have lived through their childhoods with some emotional scarring but are now wishing to heal those old wounds and live more productive lives.
So, if you are over the age of seventeen and feel you could benefit from a long term intensive therapy experience that gets down to the roots of your problems, then give me a call at 932 9721. I would be happy to schedule a consultation with you.

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