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Sarah Simmons, LCSW

EMDR Trained

“To help” means to make something easier for someone by offering services or resources; to serve. I knew early in life that serving others was going to be a big part of my journey. I knew it filled my internal cup. It was a task that created within me a feeling of personal satisfaction and value. Building relationships, talking, honoring and supporting others in counseling was something I could connect to.

Early in my practice I was intrigued by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Essentially, it is the process of becoming aware of how one’s automatic thoughts can affect how you feel. Also, how one’s automatic thoughts (assumptions, distortions, belief systems) can affect their functioning. Over the years I have worked to develop a balance of skills that allow me to help clients explore, more deeply, the origin of some of their belief systems or early life events that have influenced their thinking patterns. While also providing psychoeducation and tools to begin to restructure these unhealthy or dysfunctional thoughts. I have found this easily applicable to many areas of practice including depression and anxiety, couples work, parenting support, grief and loss, trauma, and major life transitions. I also employ tools of mindfulness, guided imagery, positive psychology, and motivational interviewing.

I am honored at the opportunity to build relationships, hold space for people’s most difficult events and challenges, and help guide their process of self reflection, awareness, and change. It is a privilege to be a part of the life journey for so many wonderful people. Healing takes courage. I like to think it is my job to help you find it and use it. Everyone has courage, sometimes you just have to dig deep.

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